10 Golden Rules For Better Sleep

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10 Golden Rules For Better Sleep

Struggling to get some shut-eye? You're in good company - 40% of Australian adults aren't getting enough sleep!

You may relate to one of these:

  • Sleep onset insomnia: Can't get to sleep when you get into bed.

  • Sleep maintenance insomnia: You wake up during the night and can't get back to sleep.

In celebration of the World Sleep Day, here's the top tips from the experts on sleep hygeine.

Are You Following These 10 Golden Rules For Better Sleep?

1. Set regular sleep and waking times

When you give your body this regularity, you get rewarded with the right chemicals being released at optimal times. Meaning, you get sleepy when it's night time and you feel alert in the morning. By setting regular sleeping and waking times, you'll be harnessing your natural circadian rhythm. 

2. Schedule in a nap if need be

A short nap (instead of another coffee) can be all you need to power on through the day - keep it to less than an hour to avoid being too alert come night time!

3. Change your training time

Doing a HIIT sesh right before bed? Probably not ideal. Though exercise is often prescribed for healthier sleep, doing intense training within two hours of bedtime can often leave you feeling too energised to wind down quickly. If you find your training is pushing your sleep time back, try training first thing in the morning. Not only can it help set your day up for success but you'll be taking advantage of the natural rise in cortisol that happens in the AM. A great way to move your body and calm down the nervous system would be a gentle yoga session or some stretching!

4. Say no to caffeine after 12PM

Some of us can't live without coffee - in fact, at Nutrition Warehouse, we love our morning cuppa. However, when it starts to affect your sleep, you know it's time to wind it back. Since the half-life of caffeine is approximately 5 hours, it's wise to cut yourself off from your caffeinated beverages before the afternoon kicks in.

5. Switch up your bedtime snack

Keep your heavy meals saved for earlier in the day - too close to bedtime, and your digestion will be working overtime trying to break down food, disrupting deeper sleep. Similarly, keep your sugary, spicy and salty snacks to a minimum for the best possible Zzzs!

6. Adopt a healthier lifestyle

Relying on a nightcap to send you off to dreamland? Though it may initially help you get to sleep, your liver still needs to process the alcohol and you're likely to experience multiple awakenings as a result. Support naturally healthy sleep-wake cycles by limiting your use of alcohol and other substances.

7. Make your bed comfortable

You spend a third of your life in bed, so it makes sense to invest in quality bedding! A mattress that is too hard or too soft for your body will cause discomfort and leave you with more muscular pains as you wake up. 

How to test your mattress: Lie on it, facing up. Put your fingers behind the small of your back - is there a gap? If they seem to fit snuggly, you're all good. Is it a struggle to make them fit? The mattress may be too soft for you. Too much of a gap? The mattress may be too hard. Time to go shopping!

8. Find the perfect room temperature and keep it well ventilated

Temperature is considered to be a top disruptor of quality Zzzs. Try to keep the temperature between 16-19 degrees celsius, though the perfect temperature will vary between individuals, so experiment to see what works best for you.

Constantly coughing and sneezing? Check your ventilation. Do you have fresh air circulating during the day? Do you have any allergies you need to take care of?

Top tips for better breathing:

  • Invest in an air purifier
  • Shop for hypoallergenic bedding
  • If possible, sleep with your window open slightly to allow fresh air to enter

9. Shut out distracting noises and block out light where possible

The frustration is real when you're dealing with noisy neighbours, loud snorers and barking dogs during the night. If you can't eliminate the sources of the noises, use sleep-specific earplugs. Additionally, white-noise machines (or even a fan) can help drown out unwanted noise pollution.

Light is a key factor for melatonin production - blackout curtains can go a long way in helping you get optimal shut-eye, or failing that, a quality sleep mask that covers your eyes properly.

10. Save your bed for only sleep and sex, not for work or general recreation

If you're watching TV in bed then it's time to switch off and tune out. Put the phone away - especially those e-mails and social media notifications! You want your bed to be linked to sleep and rest, so keep it for sleep and sex only. 


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