3 Tips to Stick to Your Resolutions in 2017

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3 Tips to Stick to Your Resolutions in 2017

The resolution season is almost here! And no matter how determined you are NOT to set a fitness resolution in 2017, chances are you will.

You may not go full blown and declare conquering the world, but there is something that you would like to achieve… and the start of the year signifies the time that your quest to be your best will begin.

But with every chance of success, also presents a chance of failure. And that is all too common, around the 3rd week of January when many people realise that once again, good intentions have just remained that... good intentions.

So is there any way that we can set ourselves up for success? To stack the cards in our favour and design our desired outcome?

I believe there is, and we can do this in just 3 steps:

Know what you want and why

To set the resolution, means there is something you want to achieve. Ultimately, this means there is something you want to change.

If in 2017 you want to pack on 5kg of lean muscle, that means your current program is not effective and delivering the results you want.


Or if your goal is to lose 15kg of fat, it will mean that your current nutrition plan is not conducive to the composition goals you are training for.

So whilst it’s easy to think, “righto I need a new training program” or “I need to go on a cutting diet”, the solution here always comes first in identifying the problem you are trying to correct.

Set a clear, definable goal and have a strong personal reason why!

If you have a performance goal, for instance, know where you are at now. Then, determine where you want to get too, map out your timeline with progressive intervals to assess your progress and trajectory, and then get to work!

Don’t FAIL BIG one last time

What’s a typical plan of attack on New Year’s Eve? To finish off the year with a bang, which generally means if you are committing to a healthier lifestyle it will be a night of copious drinks, and poor nutrition choices.

I get it, I do… but it still doesn’t make sense.

2017 Goals

If you are committed to your new goal, why start day 1 of your journey on the wrong foot? I’m not saying don’t go out and enjoy yourself if that is your thing, but at least know your limits!

You want to start day 1 positive and confident that you are going to be successful. Not wishing the night before never happened…

And you know, if it was truly an important goal of yours to change your life, you would not wait until New Year. You would start that journey today. Still enjoy the celebrations by all means, but you will be just that many steps closer to achieving your goal… and that is the reason WHY you are starting this in the first place!

Start small and build consistency

Much like what I just covered, many people try and “180” and I just don’t think it is possible. For if it was that easy to flip your lifestyle just like that, you would have already done it by now.

What do I mean by doing a “180”?

Well, if you had poor habits leading up to New Year (didn’t exercise, poor nutrition choices and a lifestyle not supporting of progress), you are not the best position to be able to just change all that on day 1.

Or say you did… how long would it last? One day, maybe two or three?

For certain, it would not be a holistic solution. So the only answer here is to start slow and build up your consistency.

Start with knowing your greatest struggle and why (point one) and work hard on correcting that. Say in your situation, it is exercise (being pretty non-existent up until this point). Don’t commit to a daily gym program, you know deep down this won’t happen. Rather, in week 1 commit to two or maybe three sessions, and try and make them as easy as possible to do.

In week 1, we want WINS and the easier you make it, the better your chances. And then when you do have a success, improve upon that.

All that is left to do is apply!

This is the very same strategy I follow myself every New Year for the goals I set myself. Give it a go and see how successful you can be.

Let’s make 2017 our best year ever!


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