5 Health Benefits When You Stop Booze

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5 Health Benefits When You Stop Booze

You may have committed to taking a break or going completely off the booze, especially if you know you've been overdoing it. Motivation might run high in the beginning, but if you start to miss the friday knock offs, you may be tempted to give it all up in the name of fun. Keep motivated and see how great you feel with these top health gains!

Keep these benefits top of mind:

1. Trim that waistline:

Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, which is almost as much as fats (9 calories per gram)! Alcohol won't fill you up or give your body any nutrients like healthy fats does. Downing those bottomless mimosas means you're swiftly absorbing hundreds of calories!

Here are the calories for popular alcoholic drinks:

  • Beer: 138 calories (375ml)
  • Wine: 115 calories (150ml)
  • Vodka, soda and lime: 106 calories (30ml shot)
  • Classic margarita: 200 calories 

By sticking to your Dry January guns, you're saving tons of calories, which is an easy win for fat loss (and performance!) 

2. Catch better Zzz's:

Hows your sleep now without the nightcaps? Though you might feel alcohol helps you to sleep, it can have detrimental effects to your sleep quality and quantity. If you're suddenly waking up in the middle of the night after a few cocktails, this is a classic sign of liver overload, according to Traditional Chinese medicine. Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycles and can deepy affect the quality of the restorative sleep you'll get. One of the top sleep tips from experts is simply to cut out the booze! 

By swapping out your evening wines for a calmative drink (think: Adrenal Switch!), you'll have a way to sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed, charged up for the day ahead!

3. Less colds and flus:

Your parasympathetic nervous system takes over at night, doing its job to repair your body. By saying see ya later to the moonshine, you'll be promoting a healthier immune system, by facilitating proper rest and recovery.

Aside from sleep, alcohol is known to directly negatively affect the immune system. You might feel a hangover is an annoyance after a boozy night, but the damage goes beyond that- by comitting to your Dry January, you'll decrease your risk of negative health outcomes and support your hard-working immune system. 

Always remember to support your immunity with fresh whole foods, plenty of healthy carbohydrates and fats, and protein for overall health and wellness. Keep up your water intake and manage your stress for a healthier, happier you.

4. A happier gut:

How's your belly feeling now that you've had a few alcohol-free days? Less bloated, smoother digestion? Give your digestive system a break from the booze so it can focus on properly absorbing nutrients from your food. When you drink alcohol, energy is placed towards breaking it down (and trying to get rid of it), which takes away from the digestive enzymes needed to process your healthy food. Not only can excess alcohol consumption lead to weight gain, an irritated gut is no fun to deal with. Enjoy your alcoholic-free beverages (recommendations below!) to feel great again, with healthier digestion, more energy and clearer skin!

5. Energy you forgot you had:

You might look to that espresso martini for a quick pick-me-up, but a few cocktails later, you know you're headed for a sleep in tomorrow. Being couch-bound after a  big night out is all too tempting. Choose your green juice over your gin and tonics to feel great on the daily! You'll love the newfound energy you have, and you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner. Not to mention, you'll notice a brighter mood and feeling revitalised to go chase your biggest fitness goals!


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