Gain Muscle / by Paula Vargas - 5 months ago

Feel Strong, Look Strong, BE Strong

As a previous WBFF Fitness World Champion, Hattie Boydle knows a thing or two about strength - physical, but mental and emotional. I sat down with her to find out what may be stopping you from seeing the results you want in your physique, how to be focused whilst also being able to 'enjoy life', personal growth, and her comp prep plans this year. Read on!

Lifestyle / by Paula Vargas - 5 months ago

How to Balance Life, Fitness and Business

We had a great chat with the co-founder of Switch Nutrition, Carissa Heath on what it really means to be healthy and fit, without needing to spend the whole day living like a bodybuilder! If you are looking for relatable inspo, this is it.

Weight Loss / by Paula Vargas - 7 months ago

Losing Weight to 'Look Better'? Read This

If you're taking supplements, training hard and eating right, part of your motivation may be to 'look great naked'. As a personal trainer, that was definitely one of the top reasons my clients loved to train! Use this process to give your attractiveness and self-confidence a boost.

Gain Muscle / by Paula Vargas - 7 months ago

The Best Way to Stop Comparing Your Results to Others

Have you ever felt great about your fitness journey - you have your meals prepped, you’re going to the gym regularly and kicking some goals - until you see someone who is fitter/stronger/bigger/thinner/<insert desired goal here> and you suddenly feel deflated?

Here's how to stop that, right now.

Lifestyle / by Paula Vargas - 7 months ago

Start Succeeding in 2022: Here Is How

Do you hate it when you set a goal that you fall short of, or even worse... never get started on? Yeah, me too. That's why I enlisted the help of the world leader in human behaviour and self-development, Dr John Demartini. A MUST read!

Training / by Paula Vargas - 10 months ago

How to Get Back Into the Gym

We all know returning to the gym after time off can be no easy feat. Whether you've been away because of injury, lockdowns, or just had some time off, taking an extended break from the gym can take its toll. Let's look at some solutions so you can get back on track with your workouts.

Recipes / by Paula Vargas - 8 months ago

Get In Shape With Banana Crepes

This mouth-watering banana crepes recipe is high in protein and contains muscle-fuelling carbohydrates from bananas and rolled oats. Super low in fat, you can enjoy it any time, no matter if you're dieting or trying to pack on muscle!

Recipes / by Paula Vargas - 10 months ago

BCAA Piña Colada Mocktail

Take a well deserved break, with the BCAA Piña Colada Mocktail. Even if you can't escape to chill by a pool right now, you can embrace the tropical vibes with a muscle-promoting drink that tastes great and supports your lean mass! 

Recipes / by Paula Vargas - 10 months ago

Easy Collagen Beauty Chocolate

Indulge in beauty and bliss with this easy-as-pie collagen chocolate recipe. Enjoy these euphorically tasty ingredients and for an extra gratifying experience, practice with a mindfulness meditation so you savour every last bite!


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