Best Health and Fitness Apps 2021

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Best Health and Fitness Apps 2021

There have been thousands of fitness apps released in the past year, with many of them flopping and many of them topping the charts. How do you know which ones will be worth your time? Depending on your goals, some apps might not help you at all and others will be the only app you’ll ever need. Although these apps are free to install, some of them include in-app purchases. We recommend reading further so you can decide if you want to be spending your hard-earned dollars! We are here to bring you the top 4 best health and fitness apps, so you can choose which one is right for you.   

My Fitness Pal  


This app is one of the most popular options on the market and for a good reason! My Fitness Pal is a great app to use if your goal is to track your macros. If you’re trying to keep track of your weight loss or weight gain progress, this app pretty much has everything you need (most of it’s for free too).  

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It makes keeping track of what you’re eating extremely simple. Amongst being able to look up your food in the search bar, you can scan the barcodes and you’ll get the exact product logged into your food diary. You can log your food throughout the day and when you’re finished, it will add up your calories, fats, sugars, carbohydrates and everything in between to give you a holistic look at you're eating habits and progress trajectory.   

It sets reminders for you, so you don’t forget to log your meals and even has suggestions for you if you’re stuck on what to eat.

This app will be great for you if:  

  • You want to track your calories to reach a health goal  
  • You keep forgetting what you eat during the day  
  • You want to make sure you’re getting enough nutrients  
  • You want a clear body composition tracking app  

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If you’re not a fan of calorie counting, this app definitely isn’t for you and that’s okay! Coming up on the list are some more mindful food tracking apps that everybody can use.  

Ate Food Diary  

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This meal tracking app is fantastic for those of you who aren’t so concerned about calories but want to focus on how food and eating makes you feel. This mindful app encourages you to work towards a lifestyle goal. For example, ‘In a year from now, I want to feel happy and healthy’. 

It will provide different mindful exercises to help you get one step closer to your goal each day. In the app, you are encouraged to journal and take notes about what you ate and why.  It even has an option to label meals under ‘bored eating’, which helps you stay accountable and aware of when and why you’re eating.

This app is great for those of you who are visual learners as you’re prompted to take pictures of everything you eat so you can literally look back at your food diary.  

You should consider installing this app if:  

  • You don’t enjoy counting macros and calories  
  • You want to focus on the emotional side of eating  
  • You are a visual learner  
  • You want help reaching your health and lifestyle goals  

Ate Food Diary is aware of the sensitivity that many people have towards eating and tracking their food. If you are wanting to make your health a priority but have been hesitant to download any dieting apps, this could be the perfect option for you.  

Flo Period Tracker  

This one is for the ladies! Menstrual cycles are a big part of a woman's overall health picture. A woman’s period or the lack thereof can give great insight into their general health and wellness. If you struggle to remember when you had your last period, your symptoms and sexual activity this app will be your new best friend.

This app is constantly evolving and learning new things. It can predict how you might feel at certain stages of your cycle and help you deal with different emotions and feelings like might come your way.  

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It can also give you indications as to when you might be your most fertile when you’re ovulating and what symptoms you should be looking out for. You can track your discharge, your emotions and any other experiences you have. This is a great way to tune into your body and understand how it's communicating with you. This app will be great for you if:  

  • You are wanting to track when you have your period  
  • You want help preparing for the emotions and feelings you may experience  
  • You want to keep track of your symptoms throughout your cycle  
  • You want to understand your body and listen to its cues  


As the name suggests, this app has one sole purpose; to help you calm down. In today’s fast-paced world, we are attached to our phones almost 24/7 so we might as well try to make them good for us.

This app is designed to help you improve your quality of sleep and improve your general mental health. Packed with guided meditations, this app is definitely worth the extra dollars you might spend on in-app purchases.

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These high-quality recordings are read by some of your favourite people to listen to, Morgan Freeman to be exact. Along with a bunch of celebrity read guided meditations, this app has an abundance of nature soundtracks, bedtime stories and soft, calming music designed to get you to sleep.   


This app will be great for you if:  

  • You struggle to get to sleep at night  
  • You enjoy listening to guided meditations  
  • You like to listen to books at bedtime  
  • You struggle to concentrate at work or school  

woman with headphones

If you’re looking to improve your focus, have better quality sleep, reduce anxiety and relieve yourself from your overactive mind, this app could be the next favourite feature on your phone.  

If you’re looking for apps to help you on your journey to self-improvement, these could be the ones for you. Whether your goal is fitness based or mental health-focused, there is an app out there for you. Install these today and figure out which one is best suited to you! 



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