Building Better Habits to Succeed

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Building Better Habits to Succeed

It’s natural to think that we need the results/transformation/overnight success but that’s not what you need. YOU NEED BETTER HABITS.

It’s easy to overestimate the importance of 1 defining moment and underestimate the value of making better decisions daily. Every habit – good or bad - is the result of many small decisions OVER TIME.

Thus the path to success will be through 1000s of daily decisions.

When you become obsessed with rushing results you only think of HOW TO but forget the PROCESS is important and enjoying it sustainably.

DAILY processes are greater than the ultimate product. It’s WHO you become in the process.

Everything is the sum of habits. What you repeatedly do. The thoughts and actions ultimately form the person we are and what we believe.

Every habit can be related to the 3 R’s.
  1. Reminder - Trigger / Cue
  2. Routine - Behaviour / Action
  3. Reward - Benefit

Thus, it is more effective to use a current habit as a trigger for a new one. Make the habit super easy to start. And reward/compliment yourself every time you direct yourself away from a bad habit to the new one.

It is tough to stick to habits. You have to focus first on creating a new identity first - form identity-based habits.

Think of WHO it is you want to be. Behaviours are a reflection of our identity so be the person and see yourself as the person who is capable of doing this habit you want to achieve. Our actions now are the mirror image of who we believe we are subconsciously.

BE POSITIVE and believe new things about yourself.

Action is driven by the core belief that it is possible. Who you believe you are matters! Habits can’t change until we prove to ourselves we have the identity of the person we want to become.

For example:

“I AM the type of person who never misses a workout.”
“I am dedicated to becoming a better person every day”.

So decide WHO you want to be and prove it to yourself with small wins.

Start REALLY SMALL first!! The goal isn’t results at first, it's developing the identity of who you want to be and then you focus on performance and appearance and then results.

Habits now - Results later.

Identity goals are the framework to view your goals. Habits then come into play as the PLAN to achieve your identity.

What if you started thinking of life goals – NOT as big, audacious things you can only get when the time is right. If you always wait for the perfect timing, you are leaving open YOUR opportunities to too many variables, you don't have the control over who you want to be.

Don't wait for the perfect time, or when you have better resources or finally get the “big break”. They will come once you take the leap and start developing your identity and chasing your goals. Take it instead as DAILY tiny behaviours repeated until success is INEVITABLE.

Lifestyle behaviours are greater than life changing transformations.

You are developing character as you appreciate the process.


The problem is we set a deadline NOT a schedule. We focus on the end goal and deadline BUT the problem is that if we don’t achieve it by the deadline we set ourselves… we feel like a failure even if we are better off than we were at the start, and sadly many of us then get disheartened and give up.  Instead of deadlines, choose a goal that is important and set a schedule to work towards consistently.

It isn’t always about doing your best work all the time but doing the best you can on a consistent basis.

Having an action plan! Stop focusing on results and hold yourself accountable to a consistent schedule and then you will see the work and output improves.

In anything you do, if you only work when you feel motivated you will never be consistent enough to make a significant impact on your life.

Focus on the practice, not the performance.

Those that beat you in performance outworked you in practice! The DOING action should be your main focus, not achieving “x” by “x” date. The attached anxiety and stress can deter you further.

If you want to be the type of person who accomplishes things consistently, then set yourself the schedule with steps and mini things you want to accomplish in a timeline instead of setting a deadline to race towards. ONE thing at a time and no multitasking. Develop the keystone habits which will naturally pull the rest of your life into place.

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