How to Balance Life, Fitness and Business

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How to Balance Life, Fitness and Business

I had a great chat with the co-founder of Switch Nutrition, Carissa Heath on what it really means to be healthy and fit, without needing to spend the whole day living like a bodybuilder! If you are looking for relatable inspo, this is it. Juggling a family, business and health is tough work but Carissa is an amazing example of what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Q: Tell us about you and why you started Switch?

C: I am a Mum of two tiny humans, aged 3 and 5 and live on the Sunshine Coast! I have an Advanced Marketing Degree and love nothing more than living a healthy, active lifestyle! 

My husband and I have been in the supplement/health industry for over 10 years now. During our time owning our stores in Mackay and Rockhampton, we saw the products that everyday people needed and wanted, alongside products we both wanted too!

When moving to the Sunshine Coast we decided to create a brand alongside our business partner, Greg Haglund as we all share the same passion of helping everyday people be healthier, happier & more active!  

Q: How do you balance your family, business and fitness?

C: I would not say that I ‘balance’ it all… but my continual attempts have me faring quite well!!! As long as I’m able to get in a minimum of 4 workouts done per week then I’m happy! Since having kids my early morning workout is considered my ‘self-care’ time so it is essential in my day. I love fuelling my body with healthy, whole foods on a daily to ensure my energy and general health stay tip-top.

My husband and I are a team and together we are able to support each other to ensure we both get our individual non-negotiables in each week.

Q: What does your daily routine look like? 

  • 4 am: Wake for a 4.50 am HIIT/strength/muay Thai workout
  • 6 - 8.30 am: The onslaught of the morning routine with the kids, breakfast smoothie, out the door! 
  • 8.30 am - 3 pm: I’m in the office doing all the things at Switch HQ!
  • 3 - 7 pm:  Wrangling two children, cook dinner, the nighttime routine
  • 8.30 pm: Adrenal Switch, Netflix/Book, Bed

Q: What is your message to people looking to get started on their fitness journey?

C: Firstly, find something you enjoy! If you don’t enjoy it, it won’t become part of your lifestyle. 

Initially, it’s not going to be easy, you are changing lifelong habits and trends that you have done subconsciously for years on end. If you fall off the wagon, don’t give up, just get back on and keep going! 

Lastly, don’t be that strict with your nutrition and exercise that there is no balance. More often than not I see so many people go so hard for a period of time and eventually completely tank because they are so restrictive with their lifestyle.

Favourite Switch recipes:

1 - Caramel Brownie Slice:

2 - Healthy PB 'Swix" Bar

Carissa's Top 3 Switch Products:

Coffee Switch

Once you have this & experience the brain-boosting and focussed feeling, you will never go back to regular coffee! 

More Info

Adrenal Switch

This one goes without saying… but for that deep, restful, relaxing sleep this is an essential part of my nighttime routine.

More Info

Vitality Switch

This one is like my daily health insurance policy and ensures I’m getting all the good stuff in one hit first thing each day!

More Info


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