How to Break the Déjà Vu Cycle

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How to Break the Déjà Vu Cycle

Have you seen the movie “The Matrix”, when Neo see’s the black cat twice and say’s “Whoa, déjà vu”? “Déjà vu is usually a glitch in the Matrix, it happens when they change something…”

Or in the world of weight loss and physical transformation, meaning that you have been here before…

Summer is here; and you are back in the same position as you were last year, looking to tighten up and shred a few kilograms of unwanted body fat.

It happens to the best from us from time to time so don’t stress too much...But, I want to help you to avoid this situation again in 12 months and the only way we can do that is to look back 6 months

1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward…Many of my articles that I provide for you follow a similar theme

Everything that we have access too, from great training advice, nutritional programs and effective supplements and more are merely just TOOLS that we can use to correct what needs to be fixed

But the million-dollar question we need to know before we can fix it is, what is actually “broken”?

It’s commonly accepted that excessive weight gain and lack of / diminished physical strength can be seen as a sign of poor health.

Or in layman’s terms, something within the lifestyle is just “out of whack” where your nutrition and training isn’t specific to your goals.

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So jumping on the latest weight loss program without knowing what is preventing you from succeeding is like sticking a band-aid on a scabby knee, without knowing why we keep getting scabby knee?

Kind of doesn’t make sense; more information needed please!

Right now, we have the accessibility of MORE instant information than we ever have before, but it isn’t serving us very well because as a population on a whole we are no better off.

Actually, we are getting worse!

In 2014-15, over 63% of Australians were considered overweight compared to 56% in 1995.

How can that be? Well, it is very easy to be overwhelmed and when that happens we tend to do nothing at all. But it is more than that...

I honestly believe it all boils down to ONE question that is seldom ever asked: “What is your problem?”

Being overweight for example, isn’t the problem...That is just the SYMPTOM that there is an underlying problem; something that you need to address.

But treating symptoms is easy with twice per day, 6 days per week training programs and diets that would rival an Olympia competitor.

And you do this all whilst trying to manage a demanding work career, family, kids and coming off the bat of a few previous failed attempts (so confidence isn’t all that high at the start).

No wonder it doesn’t work out in the long run…But it doesn’t need to be like this! You just need to understand where you are going wrong and aim to fix that first.

And I don’t mean with the 6-day training split and diet; I mean, when you reach the point and you go “oh crap I need to act NOW” - “I just have NO time!”

For example, this is common these days with demands on how times escalating what seems daily.

We seem to be scraping the barrel with time (or lack of) so how could we possibly commit the time that you otherwise don’t have, leading to the sustainable results you are looking for?

Sure, you might be able to commit for a short period of time, but I am thinking that you don’t want your results for a short time and be happy for them to vanish down the line?

A long-term solution requires just that; a long-term and consistent plan of attack and knowing your lifestyle demands leading to your action taking.

So if you are struggling to get to the gym consistently 3 times per week now, what is the point of attempting to get there 6 times per week?

I think you would be much better to commit to 2-3 days per week, design a program around a 2-3 day split and then give your absolute best energy to not only get there for every session but to “consistently” get to each session and pay just as much focus to your nutrition so you are able to generate the greatest return on your efforts.

Consistency delivered upon what you can do will always trump what you fail to complete; no matter how awesome it looks on paper.

This is just one example...So I urge you to get raw, get personal, go deep and let that question penetrate your psyche.

Dig for the REAL answers because it is then, and ONLY then can you be on the right path for YOU, to break free of the Matrix!

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