Prevent Colds with These 5 Health Hacks

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Prevent Colds with These 5 Health Hacks

Who wants to spend an entire 2 weeks blowing their nose, avoiding sunlight and dragging themselves around the house with aches and pains? Absolutely nobody. With cold and flu season already upon us, it’s time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to avoid getting sick. When we get bedridden by a cold or flu, we realise just how much we take our general health for granted. Can you breathe through your nose right now? Can you swallow without feeling like you’re eating sandpaper? Do you have enough energy to go for a walk outside? If you answered yes to any of these, take a moment to soak up how good it feels to be healthy. To keep you feeling this way, we’ve put together the ultimate health hacks to help you avoid getting sick this season.  

Number 5: Sanitise, Sanitise and Sanitise  

Over the past year, we’ve become all too familiar with good ol’ hand sanitiser. Business was booming for any company that produced it, but for a good reason. Hand sanitiser is an extremely effective method of prevention.

Sickness spreads through germs that are passed on from person to person. If you kill the germs before they get the chance to spread, you’re one step ahead of the game.

sanitising hands

Typically, our hands are the part of our body that interacts with the world (and people) the most. If you keep a small bottle of sanitiser with you, you can kill the germs before they enter your home, your car and most importantly, your immune system. This is by far the most convenient means of prevention, but it can be hard to make this a habit. Try to form a routine when you’re out and about to sanitise your hands before you eat, before you come home and after you greet people.   

Number 4: Eat GREEN Vegetables  


A healthy gut equals a healthy and strong immune system. The foods you put into your body is what fuels your immune system to fight against sickness. Who do you think would win in a fight?

A sloppy cheeseburger or a dense green smoothie. In cartoon world maybe the cheeseburger, but in real life, the green smoothie wins every time.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely cut out bad food, you just need to incorporate more good food. Maybe next time you get a cheeseburger you could join forces with spinach and layer it on top of the greasy cheese. The more green vegetables you eat, the stronger your immune system gets. They are rich in vitamins and with a balanced diet, can create an entire army of defence ready to fight off your next cold. If you’re struggling to increase your vegetable intake, don’t lose hope.   

Supplements can be a great way to ensure you’re getting enough vitamins and minerals. Ultimate Greens by Braw is formulated to help you get in your vegetable and green intake, with a blend of high-quality sourced ingredients. Next time you feel like you need to be saved by the power of vegetables, try using a greens supplement like this one.   

Number 3: Sleep!  

To everyone that tries to fight off sleep in an effort to be more productive, you really aren’t doing yourself any favours. Your body does so many things for you throughout the day that it probably deserves some downtime.

Without sleep, our body has no time to restore and recover. Our memories are filed away and solidified, our immune system is rebuilt, and our cells literally repair themselves.

man sleeping

As an adult, you should be getting 7-8 hours of sleep a night, which unfortunately is not the norm nowadays. Drop the hustle mentality for a little while and start taking care of your mind and body. If you struggle to wind down and feel like your brain runs a million miles an hour, here’s some things you can do.  

  • Put your phone down 30 minutes before getting into bed  
  • Try your best to follow a guided meditation  
  • Incorporate a sleep supplement  

A sleep supplement can be greatly beneficial for those of you that struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep. Oxysleep by EHP Labs helps you sleep well so you can wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Don’t settle for an ‘okay’ sleep anymore! Let your body rest and recover, so you can fight off any cold or flu that comes your way.   

Number 2: Reduce Stress  

Stress can manifest in the body in many different ways. Sickness is one of them. Stress not only affects your mind but can drastically impact your physical body.

Those who experience long term stress have a weakened immune system, making them more vulnerable to illness all year round.

man stressed

If you feel like you experience an abnormal amount of stress on a daily basis, something needs to be done. Stress can be healthy in small amounts, but it should never be unmanageable. Learn how to say no to unrealistic obligations, make sure you get your downtime and prioritise your leisurely activities.   

If you are seeking additional support, speak to a health professional. If you’re looking for a natural way to help support your bodies stress response, consider trying Mind Ease by Herbs of Gold. This is a vitamin that combines a blend of ingredients known for their stress-relieving capabilities. If you’re interested in this kind of support, you can find more information here:

Number 1: Exercise and Socialise  

men running

Living an active lifestyle is great for your overall health. Exercise and physical activity release endorphins, leaving you feeling positive and energised. Happiness has a ripple effect.

Going for walks, enjoying nature, smashing a killer workout and socialising with friends can all contribute to a healthy body.

Take advantage of your health and get your body moving. If you don’t like the gym, grab a friend and go on a nature walk. Either way, you won’t be doing yourself any favours if you spend your days inside, lying in bed with the curtains shut. If you need some extra motivation, grab a friend and some pre-workout!

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