Rethinking Diet Soda

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Rethinking Diet Soda

You’re dieting, and craving something sweet… so you grab a bottle of ‘DIET’ soda, because, well, it has no calories- right? BUT, it is a lot worse for you than you think.

Here are some facts about diet soft drinks:

  • Many diet drinks are sweetened with aspartame. A sweetener that tastes a lot sweeter than your normal sugar. Oh, and triggers painful headaches as a response.
  • Get ready for the breakout! The dehydrating effect dries out your skin, and in response causes breakouts… eek!
  • There have been recent studies suggesting a connection between diet soda drinkers and depression. Some revealing the likeliness to be 30% more likely than non-soda drinkers.
  • Say goodbye to healthy guts, because diet soda is killing all the good gut bacteria! Aspartame decreases the activity of some enzymes.
  • Did you know, sugar slows down the absorption of alcohol? Yep, diet soda gets you drunker than a juice cocktail would.
  • The consumption of sucralose can decrease the brain activity of the amygdala and interrupt your sense of taste, meaning the way you taste sugar will be different with regular consumption of diet sodas!


  • Ok, this is CRAZY! Dopamine and glutamate (two neurotransmitters) are released from caffeine and aspartame - which means, you crave it more and more on consumption! Caffeine addiction is a real thing!

SO, I don’t know about you… but I am certainly rethinking my next can of diet soda!


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Shelley is a Qualified Nutritionist, who is currently working in the field of public health and research. Her passions for helping others stem from her own frustrations with conflicting messages related to nutrition; so, she stays curious and questions everything!

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