Start Succeeding in 2022: Here Is How

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Start Succeeding in 2022: Here Is How

Do you hate it when you set a goal that you fall short of, or even worse... never get started on?

Yeah, me too.

That's why I enlisted the help of the world leader in human behaviour and self-development, Dr John Demartini!

In a recent interview, he told me how you can not only set the right goals for YOU in 2022, but actually achieve them.


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How can you start succeeding in 2022?

Firstly, you must set goals that are authentic to you.

This is based on what your life demonstrates that you truly value.

How do you know what you really, truly value?

Dr Demartini developed a process to help you uncover exactly that.

Read on!

Firstly, why should you even set goals? 

3 simple reasons why they are a must, from John:

1. If you don't empower your life, other people will overpower you. 

2. If you don't fill your day with high priority actions inspire you, it's going to fill up low priority distractions that don't. 

3. If you don't set goals for your life that are meaningful and that you want to design and manifest in your life, other people are going to set them for you.

How do you know what your TRUE values are?

Ask yourself these 13 KEY questions:

1. How do you fill your space with whatever you fill your space with most and right around you? That's what's important to you. 
2. How do you spend your time? You find time, make time, spend time on things that are important to you. 
3. What is it that energises you?
4. What do you spend money on? 
5. What is it that you're most organised in? 
6. What are you most disciplined in? 
7. What is it you love thinking about?
8. What do you visualise?
9. What do you internally say to yourself about how you want your life to be (that shows real evidence of actually coming true)?
10. What is the thing you like to talk about to other people about? 
11. What do you react to?
12. What is it that's actually the most consistent, persistent goals that you're pursuing that are coming true?
13. What do you love learning about?


PS - This exact process with extra guidance and examples on how to do it is right here!

Why must you align goals with your true values?

"If you set goals and aren't really congruent with who you really are and what you're committed to, you'll tend to not do it. You'll procrastinate, hesitate, frustrate instead of being disciplined, reliable and focused and achieve", Dr Demartini says.

THIS WILL be a game-changer for you - IF you do the process. I would love to hear how you go.

You should see a pattern of 3-4 highest values. These are the areas of life that you will naturally excel in, where you will embrace pain and pleasure equally to achieve a goal.

From there, you can set goals that are realistic to YOU and that you're likely to achieve.

The highest value that you find you have is the one that you are most likely to excel in, so it makes sense to invest your energy there. 

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Dr Demartini's tips to get the clearest answers:

  • Don't waste your time on something that's not really showing evidence. 

  • If you had a drone looking down on you, what would that drone see on a daily basis that tells you what you value?

  • Start with what you know and let what you know grow when you're setting goals. 

  • Look at the deeper meaning behind your answers - examples:

    • WORK: You might find yourself at work for 8 hours a day, but you say you don't truly value it. The truth is you wouldn't be there if you perceived you had another alternative that would give you more advantages over disadvantages. Look at why you're there - is it social interaction? Financial security? Upgrading your skills? Think about the top reason.

    • USING A MOBILE PHONE: Most of us carry a phone around and use it regularly throughout the day. Again, what is the highest priority action you take on your phone? Is it research? socialising? Doing business transactions? Think about what the dominant use is for you. 

Here's to your most aligned 2022!

By using this process, you're one step closer to winning in a way that you truly care about. You'll never have to worry about 'new year, new me' again! Every day will be a chance to take purposeful action towards bespoke goals that are truly your own and that you have the highest probability of achieving.


“I want people to be able to be authentic, to be inspired by their life, to be able to do something magnificent and make a contribution and be of great service so they can have fun and fulfilment in life.”


Dr John Demartini


Now that you know what goals to set, you'll want to know how to stop comparing yourself to others!


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