Summer's Coming!

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Summer's Coming!

Restrictive diets, replacement shakes, excessive exercise, diet pills, fat captivation, gastric banding, Paleo diet, Vegan diet, south beach diet, Jenny Craig… does these sound familiar? It’s that time of year, and we become overwhelmed by supposed solutions to getting rid of the ‘winter cushioning’ ready for our summer bod. Overwhelmed?

Me too! SO, I have come up with a few tips to help you achieve the summer body you wish for!

Quality Over Quantity

We’ve heard it before- EAT FRESH! But really, eat fresh. I remember meeting a client who told me she was eating plenty of food, but she was tired all the time. She was starving- for nutrients.

Reflect on your own diet, and how much of it is industrialised. Canned vegetables, store-bought eggs, artificial sugars, refined sugars, packaged foods.


Despite them fitting into your macro count, they lack the vitamins fresh produce contain. Overconsumption can result in nutritional deficiencies and an imbalance in your digestive system.

Where Can You Start?

Replace protein bars, replacement shakes or superfood snacks with organic proteins, whole grains, nuts, fibre, fresh fruit and vegetables. Non-processed foods keep you fuller for longer. Be conscious of what you put in your mouth.

Ever heard of physical and emotional hunger? That is, a rumbling stomach vs boredom. Understanding your body is important. So how can you tell?  

  • If you’re eating foods that are fatty, full of sugar and little nutritional quality; your body is telling you to eat the good stuff! Try vegetables with hummus, yoghurt with fresh berries, dark chocolate on fresh berries.
  • Have a glass of water, walk away and come back after 10minutes. If you’re still hungry, then eat.
  • When you eat, sit down and enjoy your food.
  • If you’re ‘emotional eating’, try eating a mandarin. The citrus aromas are calming, and the sweet taste is satisfying.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT SKIP MEALS!

Eating regularly when trying to lose weight is vital. This reduces the risk of bingeing, eliminates disordered eating patterns and keeps your metabolism strong. A recent Harvard University study investigated participants that reduced their calorie intake by 700 calories, one group was eating three times a day, the other six, and both groups lost weight. The study showed that identifying that you can eat the same calories ‘grazing’ over the day, as opposed to starving yourself waiting for the next meal… and you’ll still lose weight!

Tell Me More...

lemon water

I know you love it but AVOID LIQUID CALORIES!!!

If you have hit the weekend and you're heading out with mates, try a healthier swap such as soda and vodka rather than high-calorie beer or sugar-sweetened beverages like vodka pops.

A vodka and soda drink has 96 calories while a can of beer has 154 calories. So, choose your drink wisely!

If you’re unmotivated in the morning, sleep in your activewear! You know the ad, ‘going to sleep in my activewear’… so, do it! As soon as that alarm goes off, get up and get ready. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT check social media or give your brain time to process that you’re about to exercise. Get a buddy to go walk, cycle, swim, gym, dance with. Have someone to keep you accountable. 

Set SMART goal

Don’t set yourself up for failure! I’m sure you’ve heard of ‘SMART’ goals? If not, they’re Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. If you try to set unrealistic goals, you’ve already given up on the race before starting! Remember the good ol’ Einstein lesson: stick to a daily routine and schedule. 

Final Notes

So, if you’re stuck in a rut with getting your summer bod, just remember: eat fresh, eat regularly, plan ahead, be mindful and set realistic goals. 

HARVARD Health Publishing: Harvard Medical School. 2015. Eating frequency and weight loss. Taken from, on 26/09/2019


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