The Mindset of a Professional Boxer

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The Mindset of a Professional Boxer

I believe a good mindset is the most important asset to you in your life, business and in sports. I learned a very long time ago that the person who has the most belief always wins in any competition. When I fight and my certainty of winning outweighs anybody else's doubt (especially my opponents), that's when I win my fight.

Goal setting and affirmations play a huge part in my success.

I have a mission statement with my future all planned out, I read and review this every day. Sometimes making little changes, but ultimately I know what my future is and I'm very inspired about it all the time. When you live to your values you become inspired, motivated and energetic.

A cool exercise to determine your values is to pretend you have 6 months to live but while you're alive and you have good health with unlimited money, what are the key things you would do in the 6 months??

My top 3 values are:
  • My boxing career
  • Travel
  • Family

Knowing and living to your values is truly living inspired!! My goals and dreams are massive. The big dreams and goals come true, while the small ones don't.

Where focus goes energy flows

In my mission statement, I'm very clear about my future because vitality is given where there is clarity of vision… aim big!  It's not that people aim high and miss, it's that they aim low and get it. With big goals and dreams clearly visioned in your mind, as you work towards these you will get perceived positives and perceived negatives, the negatives are just challenges aimed at strengthening you and evolving you for your big dreams and the positives are the rewards to show you you're on track.

It's that simple.

There is always a blessing in perceived negatives so if you sit back during a challenging time and look to see where the blessing is you'll find that it's actually helped you in terms of your dreams in a cool way. If you don't acknowledge the blessing in it and get emotional, you throw your mind off balance and out of whack.

If you don't balance yourself and your emotions the universe will affect you in a way you may or may not like.

If you find you're getting stuck with negative emotion or your just not balanced in someway I suggest meditation, it clears your mind and balances you. Also if you're searching for answers about something that could help you along the way, the chances are you already know what it is you need to do but you can't fully feel it and your mind is up and down, forward and back on it, so meditation will clear the mind and turn off that inner chatter and you will get the answers you're looking for.

I do meditations from Dr Joe Dispenza who is the leading doctor in neuroplasticity… it is a game changer. 


Affirmations are also very helpful. If I’m working on something particular and I want to achieve it, they get written out in bullet points on paper and stuck up on my wall. I see them a few times a day and I say them to myself and believe as if I am those things already as I say them. If you can put the gratitude feeling as your saying them then it's only a matter of time before they become real.

This information if followed will change your life.

I have about 8 pages of affirmations at home that I've worked on through the years and there's only a few left on all of those pages that I have still to materialise. People ask me how do I stay motivated all the time, I tell them, I live to my top values and I'm working towards my dreams, I live in a state of already having accomplished them and when I get there it will be great but the journey along the way can be even greater.

When you live like this, every thing you need will come to you and you'll be a magnet for success and situations to help you.

When you're clear in your mind and feel like you've already achieved your dreams and don't let your environment or situations change that feeling, that's when you will be successful.

Remember to be inwardly fluent about who you are and who you want to be, not outwardly influenced to become a product of your environment. If you have no goals and nothing to aim for, you’re like a ship pulling out of a dock with no destination and no direction, you can't expect to get anywhere and you become a part of someone else’s dreams.

So make it clear who you want to be and have fun becoming that person. 
This information I have shared with you has been the accumulation of a lot of the study I’ve been doing and I’ve been applying it to my own career as a professional athlete for 6 years.

Don’t just train your body, train your mind as well.

Just like physical training, mental training is something you also have to work at consistently in order for you to become better.

Below I will leave the names and authors of some of the best books to follow the practices I’ve listed above.


Breakthrough experience: Dr Demartini

The way of the peaceful warrior: Dan Millman

You are the placebo: Dr Joe Dispenza

Breaking the habit of being yourself: Dr.Joe Dispenza



Professional Boxer

As an amateur boxer I have won Provincial, National and Multi Nations Gold medals, as well as travelling the world as a part of the Irish National Team for many years. As a professional I have won 2 state titles in Queensland, the National Australian Middleweight title, The Oceania regional title, the Celtic nations regional title (Ireland, Scotland, Wales), The North American title and I have also contested the World Title, which has been my only pro loss. As a motivational speaker I’ve spoken at 8 big conferences and seminars around the country mainly to sales and marketing reps and other motivation driven industries. I have also performed talks on health and fitness and also integrity and cooperation in community based environments as well.

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