Top 3 Self Love Tips

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Top 3 Self Love Tips

In the wise words of Brene Brown: “Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them–we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.” Whether you’re in a relationship, single or not sure where you stand, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so let’s focus on the most important love of all: self-love! We sat down with the experts to delve into exactly how and why we should learn to love ourselves before anyone else.

Love your body

Body Positivity is a buzz word that’s thrown around on social media but what does it actually mean? Do we have to love absolutely everything about ourselves or is it ok to also accept the things we simply cannot change about ourselves? Life coach and dating expert Ellie Erickson believes we should all be mindful of what we consume on social media. “Make sure that you’re following inspiring creators with bodies that are diverse and show beauty in all sizes. Sometimes in this culture where we are so focused on affirmations, we can miss the most important part of this which is aligned action. Yes, please stand in front of the mirror every day and find things you love about yourself. And also, take the action steps that really help you believe that on a deeper level. Whether that’s getting into a healthy workout routine, taking dance classes, drinking more water- the more we prove to our bodies (and our minds) that we love it and are taking care of it, the easier it gets to truly love our bodies,” says Ellie.

Moderation, Moderation, Moderation

Running Minds counsellor Dr Jillian Stansfield believes that moderation is vital when learning to love and accept ourselves for who and what we are. “Try focus on the things that are good for your body and that you can have and enjoy. If you tell yourself, you can’t have something, you will want it more. In a way, we’re just like toddlers! Moderation is key. Look at what you’re eating, and when you’re moving your body over a period of a week, rather than over a day. It gives more perspective especially if you have what you may consider a ‘bad day’.

"Be kind to your body - you have only one. Accept those flaws you’ve learned to hate and learn to love them instead. It takes more energy to hate yourself than to love the skin you’re in.”

Practice daily rituals and habits

We all know regular exercise, a great diet and meditation go a long way to improving our mood, self-esteem, and the way we feel about our bodies. Self-love is no different – it just takes practice! As Ellie says: “One of my best tips for self-love is to create an on-going list in the notes section of your phone of all your strengths and accomplishments. Whether that’s graduating college, being able to make anyone laugh, being great with kids, getting a promotion- all of it. We essentially want to be training your brain to look for all these amazing things about yourself all day, that’s why it’s important to make sure you’re continuing to add to it. Your brain finds what it’s looking for, and the more often you do this, the more you’re going to be reminded of all the reasons you have to show yourself some love.” Looking for more? Try some of these daily rituals:

  1. Daily journaling – focus on what you’re grateful for and your accomplishments for the day.
  2. Move Your body – you don’t have to exercise like crazy, a simple walk, yoga or mindful movement exercise is a balm for the soul.
  3. Practice compassion and forgiveness – with yourself and others.
  4. Connect – share your time and energy with people that make you feel great
  5. Help others – there’s nothing quite like being of service to others to warm your heart and make you love yourself.

Self-love takes practice, be kind to yourself and remember to keep moving forward while recognising just how far you’ve come!






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