Want to Be the Healthiest Man Alive?

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Want to Be the Healthiest Man Alive?

One of the most googled searches of all time is ‘how to be happy’ and ‘how to be healthy’. Seeing as though it’s Men’s Health Week, let’s dedicate some time to find the answer to these popular questions in relation to the wonderful men in our lives. There are millions of different opinions on the internet as to how you should live your life. Whether it’s the healthiest way or not isn’t actually that important. It’s the way that you take these suggestions on board and implement them into your life.  

However, if you’re on the lookout for a foundation to start from, we’re here to give you 5 steps to help you become the healthiest man alive (or the healthiest version of yourself). Let’s go! 

Stay Hydrated 

Now it might sound obvious and you’re probably thinking, duh! But, have a think for a minute. Have you actually drunk that much water today? You should be drinking 3.7 litres per day! That’s 15.5 cups. When you’re rushing around 24/7, it’s easy to get caught up in your daily activities and forget to actually drink those 15.5 cups like you’re supposed to.

Lucky you, here’s your reminder! Before you finish this article, I challenge you to drink 2 cups of water...go! 

pouring water

Exercise is SO Important 

man exercising

Science has time and time again proven how beneficial exercise is for your physical and mental health. If finding the time to exercise seems impossible in your busy schedule, make it a priority. However you do it, wherever you do it and whenever you do it, get it done! Here are just a few benefits of exercise in men: 

  • Reduces the likelihood of erectile dysfunction 
  • Improves testosterone levels as you age 
  • Lowers cholesterol 
  • Lowers risk of diabetes 
  • Reduces depression and anxiety

Of course, you know you SHOULD exercise, but seriously, you NEED to exercise. Even if that means getting a group of friends together and heading down to the park to play some footy. There is a tremendous difference in the health of men that did exercise throughout their live vs the men that did not. Visualise yourself in 20 years’ time, how do you want to feel? If the answer is anything related to the word ‘good’, start your exercise journey today.  

Manage Stress 

Stress is at the core of many health issues and if pinpointed early on, can be a lifesaver. We all experience stress, and some are better at managing it than others.

If you find yourself struggling to sleep, if you feel anxious more often than not and you are overwhelmed by your busy schedule, you might need to implement some stress coping strategies.

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This is entirely individual and the way you cope with stress will look different to the next person. Try pinpoint what exactly is making you stressed. Can this be eliminated? If not, is there anything you can do to make the situation better? 

If work is on your mind all the time, try occupying yourself with things that make you happy after work hours. Playing sports, making art, creating music, whatever it might be. Find the things that bring you joy and do them...often. 

Don’t Skip Your Doctor’s Visit 

doctors visit

You don’t always have to go to the doctors when there is something obviously wrong with you. You can go to the docs for regular check-ups, just to put your mind at ease and make sure there isn’t anything happening in your body that you don’t know about.

It is unfortunately common for men to avoid the doctors for as long as possible, in hopes that whatever symptoms they are experiencing will resolve themselves.

If your goal is to be as healthy as possible in all phases of your life, get yourself to the doctors! It’s much better to go to the doctors when you’re feeling alright, so you can nip any future health issues in the butt before they develop further.  

Cut the Junk 

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life every now and again, but if you’re looking to cultivate a healthy future, try cut down on the bad stuff. Too much consumption of alcohol and junk food will have devastating long-term effects.

Although your body’s metabolism and recovery might be 5 stars, the actual effects on your organs and immune system will show as you age. Fuel your body with the good stuff so you can feel good when it matters the most. 

eating burger

With the social pressures placed on men, it can be difficult to take the time to practice self-care. When you feel responsible for everybody but yourself, it’s easy to put your health on the backburner. However, the best thing you can do for yourself, and your loved ones is to make sure you’re healthy (maybe even the healthiest man alive). 


I've been a copywriter for 2 years and a fitness enthusiast for as long as I can remember. I'm a huge lover of all kinds of sports. I personally train jiu jitsu and powerlifting. Find me watching UFC at a pub on Sundays and making music with my friends on my days off.

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