What is Holding You Back from Results?

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What is Holding You Back from Results?

Why do so many people still struggle to get into shape?

The number of people employed in Australia as “fitness instructors” has more than doubled in the last decade, and is expect to continue to grow over the next 5 years, though at a projected slower rate. (Profile of Australian Fitness Industry 2016)

And this is just one arm of the fitness industry (those within a teaching role, including personal trainers).

Labelled the “Fitness Industry on Steroids”, Australian’s shell out a jaw-dropping $8.5billion per year on improving health and trying to look 'buff', and I don’t know if that includes the Mum and Pop, single person and family run operations, garage studios and park bootcamps?

Just mind boggling!

So back to my opening statement, with so many options and so much interest (and dollars spent), why do so many people continue to struggle to get into shape?

As someone involved in the industry as an athlete, a coach and a writer, I get to watch and witness a lot of what goes on from time to time via slightly different perspectives.

No matter what the end result is, we are all still facing the same challenges.

body building

Take bodybuilding for instance. We typically categorise a ‘bodybuilder’ as someone who gets up on stage and competes. But by true definition; a bodybuilder is someone who strengthens and enlarges the muscles of their body through strenuous exercise. So anyone who is engaged in an activity where the end result is to alter their body composition is by virtue a bodybuilder.

To the young buck rocking the physique stage for the first time, to a dad who wants to rip his shirt off and go swimming with the kids and not be embarrassed (self-confidence is a big thing).

With both scenarios, the goal is to alter their composition and to move them away from their starting position (to achieve their end goal). And with both cases, they may engage in different programs and activities suited to their individual directions, still wanting the same end result (an improved physique).

But where the industry on a whole sometimes gets it wrong, is they proceed to offer solution after solution, without ever understanding the challenges faced individually. And this is a problem!

We see this time and time again, with no shortage of options available (and no shortage of people who continue to struggle).

So where does the problem really lie?

In this day of age, people no longer feel the need to be honest with themselves. If their self-assessment or lack of personal accountability hits home a little too hard; just look away (as there will always be an easier solution proposed to solve your problem).

And it often feels easier in many ways to relinquish personal control and place it in the hands of someone else, to be told exactly what needs to be done (when to train, when to eat, when to breath etc) instead of making the tough decisions that need to be made.

Laying the blame elsewhere, something, someone… But for the grand majority of us, we ourselves are in fact RESPONSIBLE for our own issues.

How we move, how we fuel and how we LIVE; we control those outcomes. Yet, to hand that control away makes no sense to me.

If we placed MORE emphasis on the things that we do and can control and took ACTION ourselves, we would more than likely proceed at such an accelerated rate it would truly exceed our expectations. Sounds good?

The first part is to answer this one simple question:
“What is your greatest challenge that holds you back from achieving your goal”?

I’m quite passionate about this because it plays such a vital part of your potential for jaw-dropping success.

So to present an example, let’s say that you struggle nutritionally.

It’s a very common struggle to have, hence why there is no shortage in diets and nutrition programming commercially available. But before getting ready to start ‘the next one’ and hoping that it will work ‘this time’, define what it is that you are wanting to accomplish.


For example, say your goal is weight loss...

Before starting your “Shredder Diet”, we can attest that your current nutrition program (pre-diet), is causing you weight gain, correct?

Why! Why are you gaining weight from how you are eating and currently living?

Until you tackle this challenge head on, the only guarantee you will have (if you lose the weight) is when will the weight come back on?

Because you really aren’t solving anything… much like putting a band-aid on a scabby knee when you keep doing the same thing over and over.

You can’t hope to fix anything until you know exactly what it is that you are trying to fix!

To solve a problem, you first need to know the problem;
What it is, its cause and the overall effect it is having on you.

And the only person who can do this for you is YOU!

In situations like this, it pays to be proactive.

Just the same as when designing your new training program and assessing your physique you look at your good points, and your weaknesses. You identify what needs more work, and you prioritise that in your programming.

And if your greatest struggle in crafting your dream physique were small shoulders and you decided to blast them Monday when you were most motivated, the jobs done.

But for many of us, what we are dealing with goes way deeper than simply shaping cannonball delts.

My suggestion here is to take a dose of courage to determine what truly holds you back from achieving your utopia of success.

Once you can determine “what” holds you back, you can put into place real practical steps that will help you achieve the end result that you strive for the most!


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