Why Athletes Win & Others Lose

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Why Athletes Win & Others Lose

Ever get that feeling where you see someone constantly succeeding and you ask yourself, why do they always seem to win? Why is it that there seem to be people, athletes in this case, that always win at everything?

Now while we may not all be athletes and nor do we have the physical capabilities to be one either, we can certainly take a leaf out of their book when it comes succeeding.

Two things largely determine the success of someone becoming an athlete. 
  1. Genetics
  2. Commitment to the cause

We can’t change number 1, and some may argue that the internalised commitment capacity of an athlete is also somewhat genetic, but we can definitely change our outlook on success, speed bumps and failure if we want to succeed in life, business or personal growth.

You see… athletes hate losing. Losers, yes I know this seems blunt… they hate change.

I mean, have you ever really considered the commitment a loser has to make in order to continue to be a loser? Or do you simply excuse their lack of success in the same way they excuse their lack of commitment?

Now before I go any further, let me clarify something.

When I say loser, I'm not using this in a way that is meant to be degrading or belittling, but instead, it is simply a shorthand way to express the position of somebody in the race to succeed.

Achieving anything short of your goal, by definition is a loss… And by losing, at least momentarily, you are the loser.

The difference between losing and being a loser, however, is where the distinction between those who may eventually win and those who will almost always lose lies.

You don't want to be a loser...Losers are losers for a reason. Losers lack the commitment to the cause…

Losers lack the gusto to actually stand up, acknowledge their failures and instead of forcing positive change on themselves, they allow their previous failures to dictate their future ones.

Winners are different…Winners take their failures, roll it into a ball of internalised motivation and they force change so they never feel the same failure again.

Winners embrace failures and learn how to adapt. Losers make excuses for their failures and refuse to acknowledge that they may, in fact, be the problem.

Ask a winner what they can do better and they will tell you what they need to work on, how they plan to improve it and when they expect to achieve it by.

Winners plan AND execute.

Ask a loser what they can do better and they will tell you about the hurdles they faced, the reasons why they couldn’t succeed and then continue to blame those same factors instead of finding a way to beat them.

Losers plan BUT FAIL to execute. Winners make choices! They make choices to move forward…They make choices to acknowledge failure and accept change…Winners ACT.

winning cyclist

Winners don’t congratulate themselves for their success; they acknowledge the work they needed to complete in order to achieve their goal. Winners focus on what they can do to improve. Winners ACT.

The reality is simple… if you are currently failing at something you have failed at previously, then you have also failed to recognise why this keeps occurring.

Even worse, you may be fully aware of why you’re failing, yet for some reason only you will know, you accept its re-occurrence.

You accept failure…Losers EXCUSE.

You accept failure and the reasons why its occurring and then instead of taking the difficult step of choosing CHANGE, you let bad habits rule your thought process and infiltrate your actions. Losers EXCUSE.

You see…

Winners, they HATE failing. It berates them. It makes them mad and makes them question their existence.

Winners refuse to be losers.

Now...While this article may be full of loaded language, negative inclination towards non-winners by calling them losers and bias towards the winners. The message is what is important! 

And that message is pretty simple.

“If you do what you have always done, you will achieve what you have always achieved” *unknown

Creating success in the face of adversity takes time, commitment, hard work and the attitude of a winner.

Whether you are wanting to succeed at becoming stronger, fitter or faster, you need to incite change within your mindset in order to impact how you approach your training.

Similarly, if you have struggled with your weight all of your life and want to become healthier, understand that the battle to succeed in this instance is going to be HARD.

  • It’s going to take time…
  • It’s going to take change…
  • It’s going to take consistency…

If it has taken you 20+ years to get to the level of body fat you are at now, focusing on the next 12 weeks is not the long-term answer to fixing 20-year-old bad habits.

Acknowledge your prior failures, formulate a plan to create CHANGE and then ACTION IT!

Consistency is the key and your attitude is what will determine your success or failure.

Choose success...


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I completed my Exercise Science Degree at the University of QLD and have worked in the fitness industry for over 8 years, including a short stint at the Brisbane Broncos in 2010 as a student. I also hold my Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach accreditation (ASCA) and have competed in 1 bodybuilding season, placing 2nd at the IFBB u85kg Nationals.

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