Winter Survival Plan

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Winter Survival Plan

Winter is just around the corner, and for many of us that will be embracing the comfort foods, hearty soups and assorted roasts with extra potatoes smothered in gravy just like mum used to make (maybe she still does).

And then in the blink of an eye, Spring will roll around 3 months later!

My question for you is, will you then be in a desperate attempt to shed the Winter bulk whilst scalding yourself with “I did it AGAIN”?

Not if you have the right “plan of attack”!

Think past Winter and take the opportunities that you have right now; they will serve you perfectly when Jack Frost interrupts your bench session with “can I work in with you”?

Don’t LOSE yourself

Often, for mere mortals like us, our goals are NOT enough. I think it is why we are so hard on ourselves when we slip up through Winter. But not all is lost.

It’s quite easy to hack the habit code (Winter is cyclic, and so does your challenge to survive unscathed) when you know what you are dealing with.

For example, say in the colder months you crave those hearty winter meals…Large, Calorie dense, and that taste outrageously awesome! But it’s not just about the food itself. Rather, we often associate food choices to situations and occurrences; in this instance Winter triggering the craving for comfort foods.

In this instance, the craving isn’t just for the food itself. Rather, it is the circumstances further fueled by the life-long habits that have been ingrained within.

When you would all get together, ample harmonious laughs, good coffee and hot chocolate that would make you feel all warm on the insides…

Sound familiar? That’s not to say you are destined to struggle through Winter forever, even when you have your rock-solid physique goals.

Just remember it is not just the meals you are craving. Rather it is the situations and circumstances that you have also come to enjoy. There is no need to lose them, just because you select your nutritional choices related to your physique goals.

There is always something MUCH bigger.

Routine your Movement

Who wants to get out of a warm bed to hit the cold gym?

How about the ‘crack of dawn’ boot camp at the local park (I’ve run boot camps in below zero conditions so I reserve the right to curse those over-motivated individuals)?

Or after work when the sun is rapidly dropping and all you want to do is go home; I mean everyone skips leg day at least once?

gym gear

You need to find ways to raise your application and make your workout practically impossible to blow off! I know this may sound simplistic, but it doesn’t mean it is NOT effective!

Get your gym gear out and ready for the morning the night before, supplements loaded into your gym bag and create a bulletproof 1-2 routine where practically everything is done for you. It makes it almost impossible to sleep in!

Or a tactic a friend of mine use to do many years ago, as it was impossible for him to get home in the evening and then go out again to train, was to train “between” work and home.

As training in the AM or lunch time was simply not an option for him, what he used to do was take his gym gear to work, get changed before leaving and then stop at the local park for an outdoor session (he wasn’t a gym fan) before going home to his family.

Sure it was cold, and it was dark by the time he got into action, but this actually created an optimal opportunity for him because he realised this was his only choice of getting his session in. There were many times after a long day in the office where he didn’t feel like training, but it made him more determined to make the most of the situation. Just because it was Winter, he knew he still needed to do the work!

But is inspiration enough?

When you are lacking motivation, it is easy to source for elements of inspiration that will kick you in into action.

But sometimes, too much of a good thing leads to no action at all. We watch the latest fitness celebrity blogs, the food channels that tell us what to eat, the latest routines surf the social media channels, buy the latest winter fashion… all to be too overwhelmed to actually do anything!

Yes, I will start TOMORROW!

This is where creating the routine and the structure to just get it DONE is more important than ever.

You might book your sessions with your trainer nice and early to get it done or arrange to meet a couple mates at the gym. You might “schedule” specific times through the week to master your meal prep.

All the things that you would routinely do in the Summer months, but we do know that when you are struggling to get out of bed in the Winter because you are unmotivated to even more, the chances of doing “food prep” are probably not that high on the must do list, and you decide to just “wing it”.

People tend to run on completely different routines seasonally, so aim to find ways that will help you maintain a more goal-orientated and consistent approach.

This is why it is even more important than ever to embrace your routine and structure.

Before you know it, Spring is here!

As the cold is just starting to set in now, we know that Spring is just around the corner and in a mere 3-4 months we will start talking about removing the layers for the impending warmth.

So if you want to avoid the “oops, I did it again”, it is dependent on the work that you do now. And I am not just talking about bench press PB's (though they sure do help), I am talking about LIFE!


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